Background: Jennifer Love’s Journey
Background: Don Love’s Journey

Meet our Pray Through It Team!

Hi! My name is Don Love and my wife and I currently reside in Lynchburg, Virginia where we lead a prayer team composed primarily with prayer leaders who have received healing through prayer who desire to learn and teach others how to pray through in transformational ways.

Hi! My name is Curtis Hillard and I am a senior at Liberty University. I am currently studying Theology & Apologetics. I have been a part of Dr. Love’s prayer team and involved with listening and inner healing prayer for the last two years. Since then, as I have learned more about prayer my relationship with the Lord has changed drastically. Learning how to listen to the voice of the Lord and pray through things has caused me to grow closer to the Lord and develop a deeper sense of intimacy with Him. My desire now is for everybody to learn more about prayer and how to enter into a deep relationship with Him, so I am excited that you are here and looking forward to seeing what the Lord is going to do in your life!

Hi! My name is Jessie Biggs. I first started learning about “listening”/“inner healing” prayer a little over ten years ago in a women’s group I attended. With the support of those incredible women, the Lord walked me through a process of healing in which He set me free from many years of insecurity and self-hatred. Now, my identity is firmly rooted in Jesus and who He says that I am.

I’ve been an active member of various prayer ministries for 3 years – including the Loves’s Transformative Prayer group for the past year – as well as an author, class Chaplain, and owner of my own jewelry business. It’s been such an honor to help people “pray through things” and watch Jesus guide people who were broken and in bondage into truth, healing, and freedom!

Hi! I am Jennifer Love. I live in Lynchburg, VA with my two boys and husband, Don Love. I have been involved with leading a college listening prayer ministry for 3 years and have been part of our church prayer team for 7 years. I am the author of the Bible in Stories, a 3 collection of 400 illustrated stories from the Bible. My passions are to creatively teach the Bible to children, to write about what God is teaching me and to meet with others to help lead them through life’s issues to freedom in Christ.