Fall 2019 Meetings

Lynchburg fall 2019 Events

Hey folks! If you are looking to join with us this week in prayer or in person, here are the dates/times for Pray Through It this week –

Tuesday 9/3: We will be partnering with The Watch (an amazing prayer and worship community made up primarily of Liberty Students and alumni) and will be meeting in the Prayer Chapel on Liberty’s campus from 7-9 PM.

Thursday 9/5: We will be joining with Global Worship Community (a second equally amazing prayer and worship community) and will be meeting in the Music Hall 160 from 8-10 PM. It is African worship night.

Message us if you need directions, want more details or to meet us there! Follow our Facebook page for events or changes.

Pray Through It Facebook Page

In the midst of transition, we know that God is good and where He is taking us is good! Please keep us in your prayers for opportunities to share the freedom we have experienced, find partners in ministry and open doors. And if you haven’t yet, you can still download an e-copy of the Pray Through It handbook for free here on our – Resource Page

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